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Month: May, 2017

4th World Radyo – Jesus’ Armed Aryan Allies: White Supremacist Terrorism Returns to Portland, Oregon


Taliesin Namkai-Meche and Ricky Best

Summary: This dispatch finds 4WR host @TheAngryindian speaking about the recent far-right terrorist attack that occurred (in his city) of Portland, OR/PDX when an alt-Right/Reich neo-Nazi thug killed two (White) men – Taliesin Namkai-Meche and, 23 Ricky Best, 53 – and severely wounded another who tried to defend two young Hijab-donned Muslim women travelling together on a commuter railway in Trump’s ‘New America’. Although it isn’t mentioned, the November 13, 1988 murder of an Ethiopian college student named Mulugeta Seraw – murdered in PDX by three White Supremacist skinheads – shows that neo-Nazi terrorism in the Pacific Northwest did not end with the demise of Bob Mathews and The Order. The men who killed Mr. Seraw were members of a local PDX gang called the, ‘East Side White Pride’ and the much larger and established White Aryan Resistance (WAR) organisation based out of Carmel, California. And more recently, this past September, 2016, an Afro-American youth, Larnell Malik Bruce, was mowed-down by a cheering White Supremacist couple in a heavy vehicle in Gresham, Ore. And just yesterday in Clearlake, California, a White male yelling racial slurs took a machete to a Black man, stabbing him over the US holiday of Memorial Day weekend.

Listen/Download: — 02:34:47 — (mp3) / (ogg)

EXTRAS: @TheAngryindian sits-in with his friend and fellow Internet Radio Broadcaster (IRB) Bob Kincaid of Head On Radio [headonradio.com] to chop it up about the madness that is the Trump Administration and the perils of xenophobia and simple stupidity; David Ippolito describes ‘Jesusland’ and Co-Producer Guadalupe Gonzales presents other audio bits and pieces smart Aboriginals & other real human beings might find interesting to hear about.

All this and much more on, 4WR.

The official Internet Radio Broadcast of the Aboriginal Press News Service/ANG

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4th World Radyo :: Intellectual Secession: Forging Ideological Lucidity During a Time of Sociopolitical Irrationality


Summary: In a purely spoken-word dispatch, FWR host @TheAngryindian speaks (again) on the difficulties of separating fact-from-fiction during the reign of Donald Trump and Co. Moving on from deconstructing the crippling effects of popular conspiracy theories in the American Afro-Urban community, he turns to asking Indigenous; Afrocentrist and Progressive activists (and himself) about how serious we are about really doing what is necessary to achieve what it is we advocate. And even then, are we really clear about what it is that we want to see change? Do we consider how ‘our’ change will affect others? Is it possible to develop a kinder, more holistic and culturally/ethnically respectful world-view without forcing people to be free? Or are all revolutions like the Jacobins and therefore, just empty promises and bully-boy bollocks?


Extras: Archived interview between Afro-American broadcaster Gil Nobel and H. Rap Brown (Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin) with additional commentary from Afrocentrist poet Amiri Baraka.

All this and much more on, 4WR.

The official Internet Radio Broadcast of the Aboriginal Press News Service/ANG

Listen / Download: — 02:35:40 — (mp3) / (ogg)

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