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Month: March, 2013

Podcasting Community Faces Patent Troll Threat; EFF Wants to Help | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Another day, another patent troll. Or so it seems. The threat of the patent troll is not new—we’ve written about it time and again. But the troubling trend of suing downstream users and content providers really makes us mad. First it was the app developers, then those who scan documents to email. Now, the latest outrage: podcasters. Yes, really. And EFF wants to help organize those facing the threat so that we can gauge the size of the problem and hopefully help people find counsel and a way to work together in response.

First, some background. A company called Personal Audio is claiming that it owns a patent that covers podcasting technology and has sent podcasters letters, demanding that they pay Personal Audio to use the technology. As with many patents, this one is dangerously broad and vague, allegedly covering, well, any and all podcasting. Just take a look at this language

via Podcasting Community Faces Patent Troll Threat; EFF Wants to Help | Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Fourth World Radyo: Adios Hugo Chavez (FWR-03.11.2013)

Summary: The editors and correspondents of the Aboriginal News Group at this time respectfully offer our sincere condolences to the family, friends, ‘Chavistas’ and fellow countrymen and women of the late Venezuelan ‘Bolivarian Revolution’ leader, Presidente Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías. The passing of this humanistic leader is a great loss for all people who struggle for universal justice and freedom in a fair world.

We stand with those who attended the national funeral in the chant: ‘Chavez lives! The revolution goes on’.

01:16:58  —  128Kbps mp3 (72MB) Stereo


Fourth World Radyo: Nationalism or Xenophobia (03.02.2013)

Summary:  Discussion on the blatant hypocrisy found within far-right, racial purity ideologies and how this connects across ethnic lines.

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Fourth World Radyo : Overstanding Misconceptions (02.27.2013)

Summary:  TheAngryindian presents a reasoned argument for universal calm by suggesting that everyone take a breath and consider pause when judging our fellow human beings. There is some pointed discussion about the neoconservative ‘Fans of Dorner’ crowd, the American Indian Movement and mention of Anna Mae Aquash and Ray Robinson Jr. and other observations concerning American African perspectives jaundiced by wilful ignorance and colonialist theological nonsense.

01:57:17 — 128Kbps mp3 (110MB) Stereo

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