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Month: October, 2014

3rd World Solidarity: Global Revolution And The Question Of African Political Integrity (10.13.2014)

Summary: The international struggle for human justice is the subject. #Ferguson, Missouri and the Occupied Territories of the Gaza have many similarities as well as many differences. Why are committed activists deeply involved within their respective struggles now quarrelling over whether or not the arbitrary killing of young African men in the US by law enforcement officers can and should be connected to the genocidal practises of the Jewish State in the Levant against Indigenous Palestinians (#JSIL). EXTRAS: archived audio from a lecture featuring radical educator Prof. Ward Churchill and activist/author Chellis Glendinning & DJ Spooky & Saul Williams – ‘The Pledge To Resist’ (via protest-records.com)

Listen /Download: 01:51:41 — 128Kbps mp3 (78.3MB) Stereo

4th World Radyo: Witnessing The Collapse Of White Hegemony – Bigots, Trolls And Other Social Nuisances (10.09.2014)

Summary: TheAngryindian returns with more thoughts about the human rights crisis in #Ferguson, a critique of US Eurosettler concepts of ‘Central Position’, the unending chaos ofimperialist war, the problem of social media trolls and a special, personalised address to a particularly rude, intellectually hypocritical listener sitting in Thailand, Tom Huck, (a.k.a., @wester1967) attempting to save the native Thai from themselves.

Listen /Download: 01:12:32 — 128Kbps mp3

Fourth World Radyo: Still Talking About #Ferguson : Discussing Political Corruption and Racist Trolling with @MatheMattic (10.03.2014)

Summary: TheAngryindian speaks with Social Justice activist Matthew @MatheMattic about his views on the crisis in #Ferguson, MO USA, the history of systemic institutional injustice within United States culture and what it feels like as a conscious Caucasian to be the target of right-wing, neo-Conservative hateful trolling (via Twitter) and other classic racist intimidation tactics. Such as the (suspected) attempted murder of #MyaAatenWhite in #Ferguson. For more data on this case, please check out whoshotmya.blogspot.com for info and analysis.

Listen / Download: 01:32:49 — 128Kbps mp3 (46.1MB) Stereo

4th World Radyo: When Cartesian Common Sense Meets Political Xenophobia (10.03.2014)

Summary: TheAngryindian speaks further on #Ferguson, the sudden departure of US Attorney General Eric Holder and what this says about the African in North America, Black community political clarity and simple human justice under the watchful eye of the Obama administration. A brief examination of Europocentric cultural patterns leads to deeper thoughts on other socio-political issues of class and gender disparity and the relationship between misogyny, White Supremacy and institutional war psychology. ALSO: An archived debate moderated by veteran journalist Phil Donahue on ‘The Issue Is Race’ featuring Bro. Dhoruba bin-Wahad, Sister Soulja, several White well-meaning liberals, a host of Negro assimilationists and a clutch of outright Uncle Toms and other Indigenist mental fodder for intelligent Aboriginals and other interested human beings.

Listen / Download: 01:41:54 — 128Kbps mp3 (74.0MB) Stereo

Notes: Recorded in Occupied North America.

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