4th World Radyo – Aryan America: Why Eurosettler America Finally Decided to Show Its True Pale-Face


Summary:  TheAngryindian continues to analyse the (expected) results of Election 2016 through spoken word by breaking down the hard reality of White Liberal and Feminist support for the Donald J. Trump promises to return operative control over the United States back to its ‘proper’ Eurosettler racial masters who – ‘through the grace of God’ – wrested control of the twin continents from the Indigenous, ‘Red-skinned Savages’ standing in the way of the White man’s rightful destiny. Discussion also entails a look into why a number of assimilationist Africans, hang-around-the-fort Native Americans and Revisionist Zionist Jews in the US and Israel want to help the GOP actualise as the American Nazi Party for the 21 century. TheAngryindian’s point is pretty clear: the democratic US political system (the Electoral College) and many of its citizens (not all of them Caucasian) voted in favour sending someone with a family and political history with the Ku Klan Klan to the White House, technically making It possible for the imposition of White male Christian power as the primary political and military force underlying the negotiating force(s) beneath national, as well as, international politics.

All this and much more on, 4WR.

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Recorded in Occupied Indigenous North America.

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