4thWorldRadyo // The Internal Corruption(s) of Radical Afro-American Political Science: Strategic Common-sense or more pro-Putin/IRA Chaos?

by aboriginalpress


SUMMARY: 4thWorldRadyo commentator and host @TheAngryindian looks further into recently reported events connected to the Russian Information Research Agency (IRA) and its efforts to buttress the floundering Trump administration by surreptitiously persuading the Afro-American community in the USA to either support Dr. Jill Stein’s presidential campaign or to not vote at all as a viable political option. The question is: why are Black radicals in the United States willing to make arguments that support Trump’s sudden military withdrawal from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan; effectively leaving the left-wing leaning Kurds of Rojava (Democratic Federation of Northern Syria and their female-dominated armed defence forces, the People’s Protection Units/YPG unprotected, (yet again) after having abandoned them politically during ‘Operation Desert Storm’ following Saddam Hussein’s rule. A number of Afro-radicals have praised President Donald J. Trump as a laudable anti-war politician while tacitly defending his presidency through (seemingly) scripted commentary that (oddly) dismisses both Russian government interference in the US election system by defending any attempted efforts that may have occurred due to the documented history of US intelligence interference in the voting machinations of other nations; as if that justifies the work of the Putin government’s conscious decision to give support to the (violent) White Supremacists ripping US civil society apart by defending their ‘right’ to bamboozle Black Americans through Internet trickery and their visible support for White Power in Russia and the United States.
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EXTRAS: The usual collection of pro-Progressive, anti-violence political PSAs; archived news reports and the soothing Sounds of righteous Resistance .
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