4thWorldRadyo // The Quiet AfroIndio // An Indigenist Perspective: Personal Thoughts on the Psychological Suicide of the African in the Americas


SUMMARY: This spoken-word dispatch of Intelligent Aboriginal Radyo was recorded remotely in the US state of Idaho by 4WR host @TheAngryindian and his Afro-Indigenous view on the widespread signs of AfroAmerican psychological and ideological damage being observed under the Trump administration and asks WHY so many Non-White celebrities are choosing to promote mindless far-right political and social ideas and alliances with admitted racialists within the Trump WH. Why is Kanye West and Jim Brown helping the Steve Bannon/Stephen Miller faction working behind the cover of the Trump Family in their bid to fast-track their plan to slide the US slide into a democratic form of American Fascism? What is the Afro-American community doing about it much less saying about it?

EXTRAS: The usual mix of political PSAs; archived political commentary; more found news clips and powerful Protest Sounds to listen to on your way to your next political club meeting, rally or protest.

All this and much more on, 4WR.

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