4th World Radyo: False Information equals False Intelligence: Looking at the Ways Far-Right Based Pseudointellectualism Harms People of Colour

Summary: (Warning: Rough Language) TheAngryindian asks, as we witness the transition of our brother, Muhammad Ali: How credible is the information we base much of our sociopolitical decision-making on? Further, why are we not paying attention to (or worse, enabling) the ways in which false information does even more damage to people and communities than what it is claiming to ‘cure’ or ‘explain’? The spark behind this dispatch was a recent article, ‘Living In The South Is “Risk Factor” For HIV Infection‘, Alabama News / May 11, 2016, which shows to some extent that the false information still circulating about what HIV and AIDS are about and the fake, supposedly Afrocentrism-based ‘false-cure’ and ‘magical’ industries that prey upon the misinformed and the gullible have had a devastating on the African World. Cartesian-sense demands that we challenge ourselves to demand better intellectually from the larger (colonial) educational system; our medical providers, our news sources and especially each other if we intend to survive the 21st century intact. EXTRAS: Nat Turner Rebellion – ‘Tribute to a Slave’ and an archived radio interview with Professor Manu Ampim of California State University & Charles Fair of the MBA Journal over the Afrocentric controversy: ‘Urban Myth of “John Hanson, being First Black President” taken to task!All this and more on Fourth World Radyo! (4WR)
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