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Month: February, 2014

Fourth World Radyo: African Emasculation and the Lynching Of Jordan Davis (02.21.2013)

Summary: TheAngryindian discusses the genocidal results of the Micheal Dunn trial and why the killing of Bro. Jordan Davis is a consequence of intellectual laxity, economic weakness and political ignorance within the African Diaspora at home and abroad. The second half of this dispatch features a frank conversation with Franz Fanon political theorist, the Hon. Bro. Malichi Daniels @Fanonian who presents an Afrocentric analysis on legal lynching Stand Your Ground, cultural genocide evangelical proselytism in Africa and modern US media and Black American communal disappointment with Pres. Barack Obama’s astonishing lack of solidarity with African people. He also offers his own opinions on how the African community within the Anglophone paradigm might intelligently address anti-African vigilante violence.

Listen / Download:

Monologue: 00:54:20 128Kbps mp3 (36MB)

Interview: 02:02:53 128Kbps mp3 (72MB)

Notes: Recorded in Occupied North America.

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Your feedback as listeners is important. Please feel free to forward us your suggestions as to how Aboriginal & African communities can effectively, non-violently and intelligently respond to our respective issues. Your suggestions and audio responses will be raised on future dispatches.

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Fourth World Radyo: Political Illusions Social Justice and Wrongful Convictions (01.31.2014)

Summary: TheAngryindian looks at the direction-less divide between what is happening and what could be occurring within marginalised communities facing internalised oppression. This episode includes a dispatch from APNS social justice correspondent Ms. Darcy Delaproser (Rep. of Ireland – irishgreeneyes-welcometomyworld.blogspot) featuring a special interview with Bro. Calvin Buari (freecalvinbuari.com) yet another poor, African-American caught up in the criminal justice system in another possible case of prosecutorial misconduct in the US of A.

Listen / Download: 01:45:57 128Kbps mp3 (70MB) Stereo

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