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Month: May, 2018

4thWorldRadyo // AfroPolitical Drift: Indigenist Observations from the River Niger


Summary: More spoken-word and satirical observations from the @TheAngryindian on a range of issues related to modern sociopolitical and neo-cultural messiness.

EXTRAS: Our usual audio concoction of politically progressive PSAs and news items; archived analysis from the late Bro. James Baldwin and an interview with Black Panther and former political prisoner Eddie Conway conducted from the Jessup Detention Center to Baltimore’s Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse as part of a reading group studying BPP co-founder Huey P. Newton’s “Revolutionary Suicide” and other thought-provoking goodies.

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4thWorldRadyo // Mad Melanin: Afro-Sentimentalism; Political Disillusionment and Unpardonable Folly


Summary: This unscripted, spoken-word dispatch hosted by @TheAngryindian addresses a recent bout of insane, self-colonialised commentary and right-wing historical revisionism from a popular Afro-American musician (who does not seem to mind being the current poster-boy of the alt-Reich/White Supremacist movement) and other acts of Black Conservative lunacy coming from those eagerly queuing-up for an opportunity to tie knots in lynching-ropes for the people who traded Klan hoods for red #MAGA baseball caps.

*(the producers apologise for the poor sound quality of this dispatch.)

EXTRAS: Our usual mix of politically progressive PSAs; archived liberation news media from civil rights activist Robert F. Williams (author: ‘Negroes with Guns’ – 1962) and Pop-Culture clips and sounds from ‘Clarence-Thomas’ by Angono-Ska-Explosion – and – ‘They Won’t Help You’ by The Movement fill-in the empty spaces of this Internet Radio broadcast (IRB).

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