4th World Radyo // Afrocentrism; Afrofuturism or African Liberation: Could the Cinematic Allegory of Wakanda Ideologically Subvert and Divide the Black Revolution and the Afro-Diaspora?

Summary: The recent film ‘Black Panther’, based on the classic Marvel comic book character created in 1966 by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby, is being heralded by many as a historic breakthrough for increased Afro-American representation in the film/entertainment industry. And given the justified arguments made by People-of-Colour for professional fairness; artistic freedom and economic inclusion in both mainstream demographic representation and accuracy regarding African Peoples; our histories and the varied, localised expressions of the diasporic Afro-aesthetic in pop-media; it seemed like BP would be a very good thing indeed. But is it? Because once afforded the opportunity, just the opposite seems to have happened. Logically, I accept that BP can, and will, be seen as nothing more than simple amusement by most people. But I have to ask: why would contemporary Black Americans – living under the fascist-friendly Trump Administration – decide to apply their unique creativity towards modifying a ground-breaking; anti-racist comic book into a contemporary action-flick that artfully reflects exactly the sort of mind-fuckingly subliminal; anti-Black Liberation arguments the traditional exploiters and oppressors of Africa have used (for centuries) to psych-out Black people in the Motherland and abroad?

EXTRAS: A selected audio history of US Antifa/Anti-Racist Action (ARA) during the 1980’s by a group of original participants (via the good anarchist folks over at itsgoingdown.org)
an old rebel song recognising Eire, St. Patrick’s Day and Irish liberation with ‘Antifascista’ by the band Punk rounding out the programme.

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