4th World Radyo // Personal Pedigree and Sociopolitical Power: The Skin-Deep Proportionality of Identity and Political Legitimacy

Summary: In an ever-changing world of shifting geopolitics and morphing ethnicities, how are we currently defining who is – and who can lay claim – to any particular cultural/racial identity or ‘ethnicity’? How are mixed-Indigenous Individuals and communities facing increasingly varying forms of repression from the mechanisms of state power and White-Supremacist terrorism defining who is ‘Indigenous’? And how does this issue factor into our political comprehension concerning our challenges coping with colonialism and political repression in North America? FWR host @TheAngryindian presents an Indigenist-fuelled deconstruction on liberation movements; identity and intellectual objectivity and how these dynamics factor into modern liberation movements in North America.

Listen / Download: 03:24:01 (mp3) // (Ogg)

Notes: Forward us your suggestions as to how Aboriginal & African communities can effectively, non-violently and intelligently respond to our respective issues. Your suggestions and audio responses might be mentioned/played on future dispatches.

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