4th World Radyo :: Intellectual Secession: Forging Ideological Lucidity During a Time of Sociopolitical Irrationality

by aboriginalpress


Summary: In a purely spoken-word dispatch, FWR host @TheAngryindian speaks (again) on the difficulties of separating fact-from-fiction during the reign of Donald Trump and Co. Moving on from deconstructing the crippling effects of popular conspiracy theories in the American Afro-Urban community, he turns to asking Indigenous; Afrocentrist and Progressive activists (and himself) about how serious we are about really doing what is necessary to achieve what it is we advocate. And even then, are we really clear about what it is that we want to see change? Do we consider how ‘our’ change will affect others? Is it possible to develop a kinder, more holistic and culturally/ethnically respectful world-view without forcing people to be free? Or are all revolutions like the Jacobins and therefore, just empty promises and bully-boy bollocks?


Extras: Archived interview between Afro-American broadcaster Gil Nobel and H. Rap Brown (Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin) with additional commentary from Afrocentrist poet Amiri Baraka.

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