4thWorldRadyo // The ‘Post-Colonial’ African Commune: Diasporic Dilemmas and Pan-African Options with @Fanonian / @ZuluPanther

by aboriginalpress


The late Eldridge Cleaver (seen here with his wife, Sis. Kathleen Cleaver) began as a journalist for the alternative press; matured politically and became a founding member of the Oakland Black Panther Prty for Self-Defense and by the end of his life had become a ‘Moonie’; a practising Mormon and a hardcore, neoliberal conservative Republican. Is it possible to explain such an unlikely and contradictory personal political history?

Summary: In the wake of several White Supremacist domestic terrorist attacks, what should the African Community in North America do to address the crisis? This dispatch has @TheAngryindian speaking w/ Afro-American activist & Franz Fanon political theoretician Malachi Daniels about not just the obvious physical threats confronting the African Diaspora in the United States, but the surrounding sociopolitical factors; communal dynamics and legal ramifications of African defensive measures and anti-colonialist sentiments amongst the Black American rank-and-file. EXTRAS: Audio stimulation from the Nat Turner Rebellion – ‘Tribute to a Slave’ and a smattering of thoughtful PSA’s to keep you informed of what’s happening in the rest of the Fourth World.

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