4th World Radyo: AmerIndians And Africans Navigating The Orwellian Zone (09.05.2014)

Summary: TheAngryindian discusses the strange, wavering and ultimately hypocritical intellectual morass that is modern popular culture and the impact it has on the Indigenous and African communities of North America. Extra: a recent conversation with Bob Kincaid of Head-on-Radio (The Horn) broadcasting from the Scots-Irish environs of Appalachia and new (Strong) protest music from African artist XOBoogie, (Twitter: @xoboogie) speaking on #Ferguson, #MikeBrown and #EricGarner ‘Sorry For Being Black (Don’t Shoot)’ – [http://tinyurl.com/q2u43kl]

Listen / Download:

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orwellian part-1 – 01:42:31 (76MB) Stereo –>

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