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Month: December, 2014

4thWorldRadyo: International Human Rights And Racist Police Brutality During Festivus 2014

Summary: TheAngryindian speaks on the US Senate #TortureReport, the ongoing crisis of racist police brutality against Africans and Indigenous Peoples in the land of the free Euro-Settler and the imperialist-corporate state and takes a Skype call from a listener on Twitter (poet/artist Liz Marianilizmariani.com) who talks about the societal scourges of ‘fracking’, micro-aggressions, human-phobias and the peso-poverty of American artists and why that should change. Follow-up audio from Bristol Community Radio, UK.

Listen / Download: 02:22:29 128Kbps mp3 — (99.3MB) Stereo

For further study, please visit:

  • The Warriors Who Turned to Peace by John Mohawk – Haudenosaunee Law of Peace — YES! Magazine http://ow.ly/GDGZx
  • Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation | Syracuse Peace Council http://ow.ly/GDGYH





Various listeners have asked us here at Everyman Studios about how many international (Indigenous) listeners we reach due to the programme’s limitations within the English language. We were curious too, so we concocted an idea to reboot the traditional QSL card by adapting it to the podcast/IPhone era.

No matter where you are in the Fourth World, (or who you are) simply download the APNSPR QSL Card image [link] and fill-out the blanks in one of two easy ways:

  1. You can load the QSL (png) into your favourite image editor or word programme; (Windows/Mac/Linux) fill in the date(s) you heard the show; (and time, if heard on pirate radio) how you heard it over the WWW or over the airwaves and send it back to us!
  2. Or, you can take a snapshot and print the QSL image; fill out the info by hand; take a photo of it (and yourself w/ it if you really want to – please use discretion) and send it back to us that way!

Either way is great!

Please eMail your completed QSL image to: 4thworldradio AT gmx DOT pt

We plan to post returned QSL’s on aboriginalradio.wordpress and mention QSL responders and progressive/independent radio stations/groups that carry the show during broadcasts!

Thanks for Listening and Good Tidings for the Coming Year!

TheAngryindian and Guadalupe M.


4th World Radyo: Eurosettler America: From Crispus Attucks To Mike Brown (12.03.2014)

Summary:  TheAngryindian presents another stream of Afro-Indigenist deconstruction on the blatant pro-European racialism of the reactionary right-wing/Libertarian in the United States and the rest of the Anglophone World. ALSO: extra commentary from indy broadcaster Mike Malloy (mikemalloy.com) speaking on the strange political and cultural relationship between the US and the Jewish State of the Levant (JSIL) which is directly related to the civil and human rights crisis in Ferguson, Missouri USA since the local PD has been trained by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) [Rania Khalek – ‘Israel-trained police “occupy” Missouri after killing of black youth’ – 08/15/2014 | Electronic Intifada http://ow.ly/FjeHx / http://ow.ly/FjeKv ] All this and more on Intelligent Aboriginal Radyo (APNSPR)

Listen / Download: 02:52:27  128Kbps — mp3 ( 131MB) Stereo

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