4thWorld Radyo // Afro-HyperNormalisation: An Indigenist Deconstruction on ‘Post-Revolutionary’ African-America and the Internalisation of a Racialised Colonial Culture(s) Expressly Designed to Eliminate It

by aboriginalpress


SUMMARY: 4thWorldRadyo host @TheAngryindian offers a spoken word analysis of why North American civil society is failing and asks why so many Africans (and Indigenous Folk) are willing to accept the capitalist controlled, inner-city ‘Reality Television/Urban Ghetto’ social theme(s) and the foolish acceptance and illogical normalisation of gang culture in Black and Brown America as a rational alternative to mainstream Anglophone society.

EXTRAS: Selections from our extensive library of archived political audio, including a public discussion with Bro. Dhoruba bin-Wahad and a smattering of pro-Progressive; anti-violence PSAs.

All this and much more on, 4WR.

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