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Month: June, 2014

Fourth World Radyo: Vichy- Style Fascism In North America: Myth Or Reality? — (06.20.2014)

Summary : TheAngryindian returns – more a week late with Lupe Morales and some random thoughts about the slow and violent march of Euro-Settler fascism in North America, the weird world of far-right occultism and the intellectually subversive role of the Indigenous and American African political activists who decide to team-up with Libertarian conspiracy khodebshchik, Alex Jones of InfoWars. Extra audio includes expert, spoken commentary on the chaotic situation that is Iraq and how capitalist greed, western imperialism, institutional racial biases against Arabs and the Bush/Cheney PNAC plan lead to the current unstable political situation.


Listen/Download : 01:36:30 128Kbps mp3 (stereo)


Recorded in Occupied North America.

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4th World Radyo: Wrongfully Convicted: The Case Of Jeffery Wansley (2014.06.07)

Summary:  (2014.06.07.GOD) Intelligent Aboriginal Radyo speaks again with Nation of Islam (NOI) Minister Maurice Muhammad (@mmuhammad95) of the ‘Black Unity’ Internet network and activist Sis. Annie Hunter (@divinesweety22) the daughter of wrongfully convicted (i.e., Illegally Incarcerated) American African captive Bro. Jeffery Wansley, (jefferywansley.com) a victim of the US neoliberal ‘War on Drugs’. *[Please be aware that the audio contained in this dispatch is in many areas poor and may have been technically compromised during the interview.]

ALSO: Archival audio commentary from the late American African educator , psycho-social analyst and author Professor Amos N. Wilson and Imhotep Gary Byrd on the subject of African intellectualism(s) – both in the Motherland and in the Diaspora — suffering from Malcolm X’s identification of ‘White’s Disease’ or, as Prof. Wilson calls it, the ‘Nigger Box’…

Credits: Special Sounds from: S.U.N. (Scientific Universal Noncommercial)

Listen / Download: 01:46:16 128Kbps mp3 


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