4thWorldRadyo // Dialectical Disorder: An Indigenist Critique of Activism; Radicalism and Rational Self-Defence in an Era of Cultural and Political Revisionism

DuckDuckGo_-_2018-01-06_15.57.00.pngSummary: @TheAngryindian begins 2018 with a (harsh) spoken-word critique of North American activism; the bad-jacketing of historical and contemporary Antifascism and a brief deconstruction of the problems caused when ethnic liberation movements decide to make allowances for direction-less patterns of cultural-Machiavellianism; ideological constructions of acceptable xenophobia and a lax, pseudo-revolutionary perspective when it comes to the issue of personal profiteering and aggrandisement. The point being, that populist sentiments eventually led to neoconservative movements which often become fascistic social orders that do quite a bit of human and environmental damage before they (finally) fall from power. When conservative elements among the working and marginalised-classes attempt to rationalise negative and (logically) counter-productive ideas – such as religious fundamentalism and pseudoscience – through an ethnocentric revision of what their oppressors are doing (and have done); they generally become what they have adopted and become oppressive entities and/or power systems themselves – by rejecting rationality; denying science and retarding critical thinking in the name of liberation or racial/cultural survival.

EXTRAS: The customary bits and pieces; a list of socially-conscious PSA’s and an important lecture (and Q & A) by former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) case officer Philip Agee, ‘The CIA in the Post Cold War World’ (source/year: unknown) complete out this IRB programme.

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