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Month: April, 2018

4thWorldRadyo // А у вас негров линчуют/And You Are Lynching Negroes: An Indigenist Critique on the Utilisation of ‘Whataboutism’ as a Left-Wing Political Ideology


Summary: @TheAngryindian speaks further on the fuzzy ideological links developing between popular individuals and groups representing the extremist, White racist far-Right and US/UK/CND Leftists (not all Caucasian) so disillusioned with the establishment find political common ground on many issues/subjects neo-Nazi/White Nationalist propagandists and armed ‘Sovereign Citizens’ have promoted for decades. How this can happen in the face of the obvious fact that Fascists/Conservatives publicly endorse racial-war(s); misogyny and genocide in their fight for extreme nationalism; colonialism and imperialism makes little sense, nor does their active and contradictory support for the ‘rights’ of the neo-Nazis to pursue such madness simply because the far-right harbours (faux-revolutionary) hate for the extant status quo. The Zionist movement has historically done the exact same thing, deciding to make a bargain with the Devil following the Second World War by adopting the hardline Zionist position of using European-style fascism to justify (and excuse) Apartheid and genocidal government policies against native Palestinians and those who support their basic human and territorial rights under international law. Is the Anglophone Left willing to go down the same, hypocritical and potentially dangerous road to ideological perdition?

EXTRAS: Aside from ‘found’ news media quips; the usual mix of progressive PSA’s; a rendition of ‘Meen Erhabe?’ (Who is the terrorist?) from Palestinian hip-hop trio DAM; and an archived audio recording (submitted by a regular listener) of an address in London by Prof. Jeff Halper speaking about the human rights situation in Occupied Palestine.

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4thWorldRadyo // Bromancing Russia w/ Indiscreet Concupiscence: Deconstructing the Ideological neo-Fascist Bromance Between Far-Right Extremists and the (Anglophone) Hard-Left

Summary: FWR host @TheAngryindian continues to explore the not-so-odd ideological relationship(s) between various factions of the far-right and elements of the far-left – that by philosophical and historical rights – should be dead-set against everything the neo-Nazi/White Nationalist/pro-Xenophobic milieu is about as opposed to active support for their neo-fascist madness.

EXTRAS: Harvested news media quips, including audio of violent, anti-Immigration #HateSpeech from far-right Republican propagandist Ann Coulter quoting Voltaire to justify the racist murder of immigrants and is answered in logical style by Tom Russell, Who’s Gonna Build Your Wall?; the usual mix of archived progressive PSA’s an audio version of an underrated documentary asking if German fascist leader Adolf Hitler was a closeted Homosexual.

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Judge Suspends Release of #HermanBell, Elderly #BlackPanther Jailed 45 Years, Amid Police Pressure | Democracy Now!

Judge Suspends Release of Herman Bell, Elderly Black Panther Jailed 45 Years, Amid Police Pressure | Democracy Now! – A judge in New York has suspended the release of Herman Bell, a 70-year-old prisoner who has been granted parole after 45 years in prison. Bell was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for the killing of two New York City police officers in 1971. At the time, he was a member of the Black Liberation Army and a former Black Panther. Since then, he has mentored thousands of young men while behind bars and kept a clean disciplinary record. State-mandated tests show he would pose the lowest possible risk if he is allowed to re-enter society. In March, the New York Parole Board granted parole for Bell, noting he had expressed remorse and was likely to lead a “law-abiding life.” State law requires commissioners to consider such factors, but they’ve only recently started to comply. On Wednesday, a state judge agreed to hear a challenge from the widow of one of the officers, who says the board violated procedure. A hearing on the petition is set for April 13, just days before Bell’s earliest originally scheduled release date. We speak with Robert Boyle, lawyer for Herman Bell, who says the board followed the rules. We are also joined by Jose Saldaña, who was incarcerated in New York until he was released by the parole board earlier this year in January, after 38 years inside. He knew Herman Bell and is now an organizer with the group RAPP, Release Aging People from Prison, who has helped push for parole reform.

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