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4thWorld Radyo // The Fine Art of Hypernormalisation: Can Conscious People Survive What’s Coming?


4thWorld Radyo // The Fine Art of Hypernormalisation: Can Conscious People Survive What’s Coming?

SUMMARY: 4thWorldRadyo host @TheAngryindian looks at the White Racialist psycho-social structure of everyday reality under the Trump administration and asks bluntly why African and Indigenous Peoples within North America are not organising intelligently and politically (en masse) against the normalisation of White Nationalism and White Racist domestic terrorism.

EXTRAS: The usual collection of pro-progressive, anti-violence political PSAs; forgotten archived news reports; soothing Sounds of Resistance; an archived speech by the late Bro. Geronimo Pratt and a special address by the late Sis. Sandra Bland.

All this and much more on, 4WR.

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4th World Radyo: Dr. Ben Carson does not Speak for Me and Other COINTELPRO-style Distractions in North America

ixquick-proxy.com_2015-11-12_16-54-37Summary: TheAngryindian speaks frankly about the sociopolitical and cultural madness surrounding GOP front-runner, retired surgeon and pathological liar Dr. Ben Carson and his campaign adviser Armstrong Williams, who remains (in)famous for selling-out the entire Black Community on behalf of the Bush/Cheney administration in regards to public education for a personal reward of a reported quarter of a million USD. Audio extras includes comments from radio host Mike Malloy (mikemalloy.com) and a lecture by Ward Churchill on the history of COINTELPRO (Counter-Insurgency Program) and the covert war against Indigenous, African, left-wing and progressive movements in the United States.

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