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4th World Radyo: Colonial Sociopolitics and Gender Democracy (09.12.2013)

Advisory : (This dispatch contains commentary and analytical data concerning misogyny and adult language.)


Summary : TheAngryindian offers a personal stream of opinion on the issue of gender marginalisation and the intentional misuse of women and female eroticism in modern, martial-culture dominated capitalist mainstream media. This dispatch also presents the thoughts of Sexologist Dr. Gail Dames on the pornography industry and its exploitation of misogynist gender abuse and a notable riff on the hypocrisy of Hip-Hop corporate culture from Payroll the Entertainer and Bridget Gray.

Listen / Download : 01:52:00 128Kbps mp3 — (74MB) Stereo

Fourth World Radyo: War Profits and Passive Proletarian Punditry (08.30.2013)

Summary : TheAngryindian asks why the US citizen-elected ‘Left’ isn’t doing what the British Labour faction was able to achieve in the UK Parliament and why the public is allowing the Cyrus MTV grinding scandal to draw their attention away from the international conflict about to occur in Syria. ALSO: interesting commentary from Bristol Broadband Community Radio and UK Respect MP George Galloway speaking on the British perspective of UK involvement in the Syrian civil conflict and western responsibility for war crimes.

Listen/Download : 01:45:36 128Kbps mp3 — (68MB) Stereo

Fourth World Radyo: Tell The Truth And Run (06.12.2013)

Summary: TheAngryindian offers some thoughts on current political events, cultural and social misogyny, international police brutality, the (long-ago) loss of personal privacy and why honest, USSR-era Russians understand the dangers of speaking truth to reality better than most within the Anglophone political paradigm.

Listen:  01:34:33 — 128Kbps mp3 — (66MB) Stereo

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