4thWorldRadyo // A Brief AfroIndigenist Critique on Black Slave-Catchers; Professional Malcontents and the Vocational Quislings Polluting the North American Left

by aboriginalpress


SUMMARY: This painfully frank dispatch from the @TheAngryindian directly addresses the dangerous and embarrassing phenomenon of pro-White Racialist, pro-Fascist, non-European acquiescence operative within Portland, Oregon (#PDX) and across the entire non-settler, US political spectrum. The host of FWR asks our regular listeners: Are self-colonising non-Europeans – those consciously willing to stand guard at the front-lines of the radical Anglophone push to re-institute unapologetic White Power by gleefully fronting for the extreme factions within the Eurosettler (Far-Right) US Republican Party – morally responsible for the White racist violence they unambiguously have chosen to forcefully represent?

EXTRAS: The usual mix of political PSAs; archived news clips; the Sounds of Resistance and a special archived audio report of complied voices of the post-war Zionist movement and the difficult, personal issue of common morality; political honesty and group-solidarity within the Jewish World after World War Two and the founding of the State of Israel.

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// An Example of Dangerous, Conspiracy-Theory Nonsense (That claims to be an African-American) bucking to replace Alex Jones: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEhdnR1OZfk

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