4thWorldRadyo // Mad Melanin: Afro-Sentimentalism; Political Disillusionment and Unpardonable Folly

by aboriginalpress


Summary: This unscripted, spoken-word dispatch hosted by @TheAngryindian addresses a recent bout of insane, self-colonialised commentary and right-wing historical revisionism from a popular Afro-American musician (who does not seem to mind being the current poster-boy of the alt-Reich/White Supremacist movement) and other acts of Black Conservative lunacy coming from those eagerly queuing-up for an opportunity to tie knots in lynching-ropes for the people who traded Klan hoods for red #MAGA baseball caps.

*(the producers apologise for the poor sound quality of this dispatch.)

EXTRAS: Our usual mix of politically progressive PSAs; archived liberation news media from civil rights activist Robert F. Williams (author: ‘Negroes with Guns’ – 1962) and Pop-Culture clips and sounds from ‘Clarence-Thomas’ by Angono-Ska-Explosion – and – ‘They Won’t Help You’ by The Movement fill-in the empty spaces of this Internet Radio broadcast (IRB).

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