4thWorldRadyo // Selective Assessment: Deconstructing the Kremlin’s Existentialist Strategy of Hypernormalisation Against North American Cognitive Dissonance

by aboriginalpress

Breaking News // Ben Mathis-Lilley: Mueller indictment documents Russian effort to suppress nonwhite vote. {slate.com}

White_Feminism.pngSummary: In this spoken-word dispatch presented by @TheAngryindian, the Russian government’s likely ‘Hacking’ of US social media networks in an effort to sow internal dissent within the United States comes into focus; as the host points out the nonsense and political hypocrisy laced within the mainstream as well as radical areas of debate surrounding the issue. Now that the question of whether or not Russian and external-Russian interests created a network of internet based Troll-Farms has been answered, [Naira Davlashyan & Irina Titova – Russian Troll Farm Workers Say Mueller Indictments Are True | Time.com http://twitthat.com/CgnQL] why are US leftists still tacitly defending the ‘right’ of the Russian government, via proxies, to interfere within American politics? The fact that Russian fascists are working together with neo-Nazis in Ukraine; Germany; United Kingdom; Canada; France; Australia; New Zealand and in Belgium – connected in many ways to the vast neo-fascist conspiracy far-right terrorist Anders Behring Breivik claimed exist underground within the Europocentrist/Anglophone countries during his trial.[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anders_Behring_Breivik#Intellectual_influences]

The host is not suggesting that clandestine efforts by the Russian government actually helped to change (much) in the way of popular voting among eligible and active US voters – especially since it is clear that Hillary ‘Super-predator’ Clinton – pro-or-con actually won through the popular vote – [Steven Porter – Clinton wins US popular vote by widest margin of any losing presidential candidate – CSMonitor.com http://twitthat.com/E7uqt], as much as it as an issue of the Russian government making full use of existing racial/religious divisions that certainly did have an impact on US political and social policy as it applies to the legal and extralegal suppression of non-Europeans and antifascist/antiracist movements and activists [Clarence Page – Column: FBI needs to explain its war on ‘black identity extremists] under the watchful eye of a Trump administration that ran pro-fascist propaganda from the very start of Donald J. Trump’s entry to the presidential campaign. [Amanda Holpuch – Donald Trump campaign tweets photo with Nazi soldiers – then leads polls | US news | The Guardian]

Just as we saw in the supposed election of George W. Bush during the ‘Voting while Black’ programme exposed by Greg Palast, [BBC News | NEWSNIGHT | Greg Palast on the Florida Elections – 16/2/01 // BBC NEWS | Programmes | Newsnight | New Florida vote scandal feared // Investigative Reporter Reveals GOP Effort to Remove African Americans from Voter Rolls in Battleground States | Alternet, the Electoral College handed the executive office to the neoconservatives running the GOP in spite of popular votes and support for the Democratic candidate. The Russians knew about this too. So why wouldn’t they use it?

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