4thWorldRadyo // Selective Retribution: Deconstructing the Punitive Characteristics of Hypocritical Eurosettler Morality

by aboriginalpress


Summary: Unscripted and uncensored spoken opinion from @TheAngryindian on the sudden media and sociopolitical focus on the long ignored and seriously under-reported issue of sexual abuse in the United States as it relates to contemporary Eurosettler culture under a White House led by an admitted sexual bully and chauvinist: President Donald J. Trump and a political party that continues to argue an atrocious, anti-female concept of ‘Legitimate Rape’ regarding the anti-abortion position of US Republicans such as representative Todd Akin and US Vice-President Mike Pence – staunch Evangelical American Christians who accept the Bible as literal fact. Part of the host’s argument lies in observing in how corporate news agencies are handling allegations by well-respected Eurosettler women as opposed to the pressing issue of sexual abuse within Afro-American communities ranging from Femicide; prison rape/slavery and domestic violence to the wanton murder and assault of Afro-American Transgendered People and those of the Gay and Lesbian communities. His main critique is how both the struggle of #BlackLivesMatter movement and the creeping fascism and domestic terrorism of the US far-right/alt-Right has been side-lined by salacious news reportage and partisan charges of questionable morality while real people are being victimised. As human beings, are we willing to allow those who have been victimised be used as pawns in a politicised environment of politically selective retribution? Is there an unacknowledged hierarchy to the picking-and-choosing of which violations we – as a society and as individuals – choose to be offended by at any given point in time while refusing to look at the use and flow of real and imagined power dynamics?

EXTRAS: The usual news audio bits and pieces; words of Afro-Feminist wisdom from Sis. Bridget Gray: ‘My Letter to Hip Hop’ and a selection of socially-conscious PSA’s fill out our independent IRB programme.

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