#4thWorldRadyo // The Political Economy of Colonial Dreaming: #DACA & the #Immigrant Struggle for Eurosettler Acceptance

by aboriginalpress


Summary: In another Spoken Word dispatch, FWR host @TheAngryindian speaks on the little-addressed political flip-flop many DACA-recipients – certainly not all – have decided to employ when it comes to (specific) political support for the Trump Administration and MAGA, in general, despite its anti-Immigrant; pro-White Supremacist; far-rightist sociopolitical and anti-Spanish-speaking Indigenous American economic policies. Reflecting on personal anecdotes and more than three decades of political activism, the host asks (sincerely) if Indigenous and Afro-Americans are prepared to put their revolutionary fervour (again) behind politically assisting (another) oppressed demographic that – to some degree – might be willing to take side(s) with White Power in the United States – provided – that Latin immigrants are allowed to remain in the USA and prosper, collectively, as a group. Afro-Americans have always supported other ethnic minorities in North America while historically, American Africans have NOT received substantial sociopolitical reciprocal support for liberation initiatives moves that DO NOT directly benefit other oppressed peoples in the country. Considering all of this, which way is the conscious Afro-American to go?

EXTRAS: Commentary from a radical (truth-speaking) African Sister; ‘Bash The Fash’ by anti-fascist heroes Oi Polloi and an archived NOI address by Bro. Jeremiah Muhammad recalling an attempt by the Black Muslim organisation’s desire to develop a working understanding with the Ku Klux Klan finish off the programme.

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