4th World Radyo // The Rise of the #NeutralNegro: Self-Hating Afro-Americans and the Lyrical Lynching of Black America

by aboriginalpress


Summary:The #NeutralNegro in North America is the focus of this Indigenist, spoken-word political analysis by @TheAngryindian (primarily) in response to a Twitter post by a Black American conservative arguing in a reply to @MarcACaputo after the neo-Nazi terrorist attack in #Charlottesville, Virginia USA that:

Democrat policies since 60’s have greatly suppressed Black progress. I welcome a Nazi govt, if ALL Americans treated EQUAL under the LAW.

Courtney West, (@girlfeliz1)

Black conservatism in the United States under the jaundiced oculus of German/Scottish-American Eurosettler Donald J. Trump is one thing, actively supporting and promoting German Nazism – a political philosophy that officially defines all African Peoples as unnecessary, ‘sub-human’ entities – is quite another. Whether one is of Indigenous; Jewish; of African descent or not, Nazi philosophy – social/political/economic – is anti-human at its base. It is a negative, anti-social system of marginalisation; social implosion and eventually, the genocide of the ‘unwanted’.


Despite this, some Black Americans, American Indians and Spanish-speaking Native Peoples from Latin América agree with ‘giving Hitler a chance’ and proudly lend their moral support to the White Supremacists of the ‘alt-Right’. They make a point of condemning anti-fascist and anti-racist protesters as ‘dangerous’, anti-White radicals seeking to ‘destroy Israel’ with secret funding from George Soros. In essence, these are Black Folks (House Negroes) regurgitating far-right talking-points explicitly designed to confuse the general public into a state of hyperdiffusionism through a process identified as: ‘non-linear warfare’. In other words, it is no surprise that Black American conservatives are performing their historical role as apologisers and moral attendants to Eurosettler power and class-constraints. What is new is the shift towards an American African, neoconservative penchant for actively endorsing racialist political ideologies, such as an Americanised version of German Nazism, and worse, their passionate defence of far-right rhetoric; terrorism and the civil and political rights of anti-African, Nativist Eurosettler movements.

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