4th World Radyo: The Ides of March: EasyD and the Unbearable Mishegoss of Compromised American Politics – @TheAngryindian in Conversation with @BobKincaid of Head On Radio

by aboriginalpress



Summary: This special dispatch is a recording of an unscripted on-air conversation between FWR host @TheAngryindian and Head on Radio host @BobKincaid of Appalachia, West Virginia speaking freely about the visible madness of the Trump Administration; its far-right fan base and the certifiable lunacy of the new Commander-in-Chief who has sold-out the United States to the government of Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation and a number of their criminal personalities and vory organisations. Both hosts turn their attentions to offering live commentary during Pres. Donald Trump’s Nashville Municipal Auditorium MAGA rally held that same evening (Wednesday, March 15) in celebration of his (recent) election and the 250th birthday of anti-Indigenous ‘Indian Killer’, Andrew Jackson (after passing an genocidal executive order to rush development of the Dakota Access Pipeline).
EXTRAS: Various opinions are provided by legendary Russia bard, Vladimir S. Vysotsky PLUS: audio culled from the BBC Panorama documentary: ‘Trump – The Kremlin Candidate?’.

All this and much more on, 4WR.

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