4th World Radyo :: ‘False Promises, Broken Dreams and Ersatz Progressivism’ :: What Next for the International Afro-Left Under Trump’s White Nationalism?

by aboriginalpress


Summary: TheAngryindian speaks with Afro-American Afrocentric philosopher; veteran street-activist and Black historical raconteur Malichi Daniels (@Fanonian) about the Donald Trump administration’s wildly unpopular (and under-voted) occupation of the US White House and what this means for People-of-Colour state-side and Indigenous Peoples across the Fourth World. Topics include Bro. Daniels on-site observations on the racialist politics of Occupied Hawai’i; Activist self-care; the current schism(s) between Negro assimilationists, far-right ‘Hoteps’ and actual liberation movements that are clear about their politics; White Liberals in the United States; the Pacific Northwest #AntiFa movement; The massive #WomensMarch; #NoDAPL; African Misogyny; Homophobia and Skin-Colour rivalries versus mature analysis and behaviour. EXTRAS: ‘Free Calvin Buari’ [www.freecalvinbuari.com]

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