4th World Radyo : Righteous Angst or Cloddish Politics? :: When Self-Centred Objectiveness Masquerades as Progressive Politic

by aboriginalpress


Summary: (Warning: Rough Language) In another spoken word dispatch by the TheAngryindian, the question is asked: Why is the North American left-wing insistent and some, utterly and totally confused People-of-Colour (below Occupied Canada and above the Republic of Mexico) dead-set on playing political roulette during Election 2016? Is the abject left-wing hatred of Hillary Clinton working, inadvertently, to the propaganda-credit of the GOP fear-wranglers? Does the Progressive Movement even care? Over the past few years, there has been a concerted effort by the so-called ‘Alt-Right’ to aggressively co-opt classic Black Power/ Black Liberation motifs as a means of pushing their own far-right, xenophobia pro-Eurosettler agenda. And, unsurprisingly, more than a few far-right, pro-Afrikan; Revisionist Afrocentric ‘Hoteps’ and ‘Black Libertarians’ are receptive to their neo-fascist message. The glaring hypocrisy in all of this is obvious, frightening and should not go without comment by those who understand the dangers of extreme politics and the social; economic and spiritual damage such ideas can cause in any civil society.

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Recorded in Occupied Indigenous North America.

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