4th World Radyo : The Modern Civil Rights Movement: Contemporary Political Rationality or Ersatz Postmodern Hipster-ism?

by aboriginalpress


Summary: (Warning: Rough Language) This dispatch features a spoken word analysis by the TheAngryindian concerning Anglophone sociopolitical hypocrisies that by rights should not exist (to any measurable degree) within an advanced, truly democratic society. The host argues that oppression and repression isn’t a simple, up-to-down process and that the general (progressive) reliance upon aggressively reiterating – and unconsciously competing against other individuals with – the obvious historical and neo-colonial dynamics of the struggle is leading us in circles because righteous anger, on its own merit, is not a viable ideological panacea. EXTRAS: A brief audio report from Kinetic Justice from within the belly of the beast; revolutionary poetry from the late Sis. Korryn Gaines; ‘We Got Marx’ from ‘The Movement’ and an archived public address by Prof. Michael Parenti on the negative role(s) of religious belief in US politics.
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Listen / Download: 02:59:58 — (MP3) / (Ogg)

Recorded in Occupied Indigenous North America.

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