4th World Radyo : Trapped in a World of White Sociopolitical Values, Which Way is Up?

by aboriginalpress


Summary:  TheAngryindian speaks upon the obvious ideological and sociopolitical barriers between the Black Liberation struggle and mainstream White Liberalism and how this conundrum continues to serve as a dividing-line between the two communities. TheAngryindian argues that White Liberals are primarily responsible for the rise of both the neo-Nazi supported Republican Party candidate Donald Trump and the ‘Super-predator’ racialism of Democratic Party ‘choice’ Hillary Clinton – chiefly – because when ethnic minorities, Africans in particular, have stood-up against institutional racism in North American society, politically liberal Caucasians and ethnic assimilationists have worked to stifle effective dissent. Essentially, if White Americans were at all serious about combating White racism and xenophobia, the last thing they would be doing is telling the victims of racism to ‘Tone it down’, or ‘Shut up’ when confronted with odds no White European would be expected to suffer silently. EXTRAS: A short message from the late Sandra Bland and an archived interview with Robert F. Williams, author of ‘Negroes with Guns’ (1962) while living in exile in Tanzania.

Listen / Download: 02:44:27 — (Mp3) / (Ogg)

Recorded in Occupied Indigenous North America.

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