African Angst as the ‘New’ Black Feminism: When Revisionist Afrocentrism is Masked as Black Politic

by aboriginalpress

ixquick.com_2016-05-26_15-37-23.jpgSummary: (Warning: Rough Language) As Western feminist attention is hopelessly drawn-in by the unnecessarily heady, intellectual brain-drain and capitalist-driven neo-Feminism romance between Beyoncé and her adoring fans, fellow Black female entertainer Azealia Banks has decided to wail herself into a ban on Twitter and an ejection from the roster of a UK music festival for abject anti-Asian bigotry. She is defending he actions as expressions of Black Pride and Black Power against a racist social system. But TheAngryindian questions Ms. Banks on this since using ‘Curry Scented Bitch’ as a means of politically ‘correcting’ or ‘checking’ another Person-of-Colour has more to do with attacking them ethnically than with or criticism of their particular politics. Is this the ‘New’ Black American feminism, or is this just another case of an out-of-control Black entertainer using Black politics as a cover for their own forms of Black fascism? EXTRAS: Dave Lippmann: ‘Teenage Immigrant Welfare Mothers on Drugs,’ and extended selections of a lecture by Black Panther Party for Self Defence (BBP) and Black Liberation Army (BLA) veteran Dhoruba bin-Wahad discussing the political exile of Sis. Assata Shakur in socialist Cuba and the deep colonialist relationships between wealthy Blacks Americans like Beyoncé and Jay Z and Barack Obama and the ‘Talented Tenth’.

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