4th World Radyo : TheAngryindian in conversation with UK Human Rights Activist KrustyAllslopp

by aboriginalpress

en.wikipedia.org_2016-04-28_14-41-46Summary:  Indigenist chat-radio host TheAngryindian (@TheAngryindian) speaks with British activist KrustyAllslopp (@KrustyAllslopp) about the recent accusations of embedded Judeophobia within the UK Labour Party and how this ‘scandal’ relates to the political bad-jacketing of former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone by both the Tory Party and hard-right English Zionists. A long-time People’s Rights and antiracism activist, KrustyAllslopp explains why she believes that this controversy appears to be more about the British right-wing winding-up anti-Labour animosity and confusion just days before the polls are set to open in upcoming elections. She also connects this odd timing of the morally-enraged focus of mainstream media against Jeremy Corbyn and Labour to the recent revelations of police, governmental and journalistic injustice concerning the deaths of 96 football fans (Liverpool vs. Nottingham at Sheffield) who were judged ‘unlawfully killed’ during the Hillsborough Stadium Disaster of 1989 as a major public (intentional) distraction. She points to the sort of media manipulation the government of PM Margaret Thatcher and Home Secretary Douglas Hurd used to discredit the people of Liverpool and their resistance during the worker’s struggle of the period. EXTRA:: Socialist band The Redskins – Live Bootleg (Plateful of Hateful)

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