4th World Radyo – Faith, Forgetfulness and Folly: A Field Negro’s Guide to Election 2016

by aboriginalpress

ixquick-proxy.com_2016-02-24_15-28-07Summary: This dispatch finds TheAngryindian re-examining the class-war aspects of the political split in Black America between Conservative Democrat Hillary Clinton and Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders and ask why Africans in the US would support “Superpredator’ Clinton over Sanders who has always stood by mainstream Afro-American assimilationist and labour goals. cExtras: Indy radio host Mike Malloy offers some thoughts on the Clinton campaign’s use of Black mothers who have lost children to the racial profiling her mass incarceration policies created in the first place and archived audio from Bro. Lance Shabazz speaks with Iman Rasul Rafiq on the history of the Five Percenters and the importance of Black Unity and communal responsibility.

Listen / Download: 01:41:28 – 128Kbps mp3 – (70.7MB) Stereo

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