Politica Principium est Liberation, or, Why We Cannot Win Liberation Through Victimhood Politics

by aboriginalpress

bayareaintifada.wordpress.com_2016-03-18_18-48-02Summary: This dispatch begins with TheAngryindian visiting his good mate Bob Kincaid of TheHORN (Head on Radio) radio programme – broadcast out of West Virginia Appalachia, USA – where they discuss a range of issues relating to the American Fascist chaos engulfing the process of #Election2016 and what the world, not just the United States, would look like under a Trump Presidency. During the discussion, TheAngryindian connects the visible lack of Black voter support for Democratic Socialist candidate Bernie Sanders to both obvious corporate bad-jacketing of the Sanders campaign in mainstream news media; a lack of political education within the US Black community and the failure of the general African public to think beyond the limits of their victimisation. The Hillary Clinton campaign has notably gone out of its way to pretend that her active participation in identifyng Black and Latino youths as present dangers to US society (see: ‘Hillary Clinton: Gangs of kids are “super predators” with “no conscience, no empathy” by james321 via the DailyKos) and has worked diligently to confuse the Afro-American into voting her policies back into play by pitting assimilationist Negroes against those that want equal treatment as Black People within the US without conscription or compromise. (See: ‘Moms of Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis Rip Sanders Over “Ghetto” Comment’ / by Janet Shan on March 8, 2016 via the Hinterland Gazette) TheAngryindian argues that if those who are willing to sell-out their poorer Sisters and Brothers get their way, nothing, at all, will change.
EXTRA: Jared Ball of the Real News Network speaks with Dhoruba al-Mujahid bin Wahad / The Black Radical Tradition Confronts False Leadership and “Stealth History”, activist sounds by Tom Russell – ‘Who’s Gonna Build Your Wall’ and archived audio on the historical and political links between the North American Indigenous struggle and the decades old liberation movements of Indigenous Palestine against Revisionist Zionism.

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