4th World Radyo: Negotiating Madness: North American Political Confusion in Black and White

by aboriginalpress


The late Sammy Davis, Jr. with Dr. Michael Aquino and Anton LaVey (two very famous practising Satanists who were also neo-Nazi apologists if not supporters)

Summary: In this dispatch of FWR, TheAngryindian (using unedited audio statements from right-wing internet radio programmes) asks the pressing question: ‘Are large numbers of the North American general population really as theologically bizarre, as potentially violent (#Ammosexuals) and as functionally illiterate about the political system of their own country (and claimed beliefs) as they appear to be? If so, what does this mean as we move towards the vote in #Election2016? And further, is it possible for those who suffer from various forms of American Exceptionalism to admit that when it comes to local, national, international and many progressive issues, their opposition to a more inclusive society is based upon nothing more than rank ignorance and/or unreasonable social fears about needed ‘change’? And, is the DNC taking the Black Vote in the US for granted because they know that they can?

Is the problem really one of human stupidity or simply a bad case of political ignorance which can be easily repaired through education and a will to understand rather than believe? EXTRAS: Poet Vladimir Vysotsky : ‘The Hunting of Wolves’ / (archived audio) : Payroll the Pimp (American Pimp) – ‘Pimping 101’ podcast.

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