4th World Radyo: False Radicalisms: The Strange Situation of Radical Hard-Left support for Radical Hard-Right Mormon Extremists Like LaVoy Finicum

by aboriginalpress


Author Jack London was a prominent US Socialist as well as an arch anti-African racist despite the fact that he maintained a life-long relationship with the Black woman who raised him, Ms. Virginia (Jenny) Prentiss.

Summary: After the eventual (by his own documented statements) shooting death of right-wing extremist Mormon Euro-settler terrorist and Bundy Family Militia spokesman Robert ‘LaVoy’ Finicum by law enforcement officers during a traffic stop/roadblock in Harney County, Oregon, TheAngryindian asks, ‘What happens next…?’ The leaders behind the armed Euro-settler coup attempt against the administration of President Barack Obama have been taken into custody. But their followers have not left the Malheur Nature Reserve and the situation is now entering its fourth week of armed aggression against the Federal and State governments of the United States of America Inc. Among the large number of participants refusing to leave the reserve, (actually, Northern Paiute Territory) are internet-savvy technicians such as David Fry (a neo-Nazi Daesh/ISIL supporter) who have taken to flooding social media with wild conspiracies about how Finicum died; (he was not only armed with a handgun, he reached for it before he was shot aggressively approaching police) about how they are all going to be killed by the ‘Cultural Marxists’ who (they believe) control the US government and to top it all off, they continue to issue further threats to local LEO and the FBI as authorities (finally) begin to station throughout the town of Burns, Oregon and outside the Malheur Reserve to set up (their own) perimeter(s).

To add insult to injury, many on the political Left in North America have been, to one degree or another, supporting either the Hammond Family, the Bundy Militia or both. Is this a foolish attempt to leave the proverbial door open for armed revolution? Or, is it because this time the revolutionaries are angry White People with anti-government and pro-American conspiratorial sensibilities (as with the neo-fascist presidential campaign of Donald Trump) representing the simmering ‘Anglophone Angst’ buoying the insanity of the current period? Even their online supporters have dared to compare the (presumably) racist police killings of Michael Brown and Tamir Rice to the Finicum shooting despite the fact that there is absolutely nothing to connect these incidents other than they were people who were killed by police. LaVoy Finicum was armed with a handgun and reached for it before he was shot after yelling at the officers to shoot him. The African youths were not armed at all. Tamir Rice was shot dead by a police officer (with a questionable background) within two seconds of his arriving on the scene while Finicum swore at the very beginning of the stand-off that he would rather die than be arrested. Michael Brown and Tamir Rice were just young people who had the nerve to think that they lived in a race-neutral free country.
EXTRAS: Rocky Mountain Mike – [https://soundcloud.com/rockymountainmike] – ‘Jeb Bush’ (parody) Audio: Robert F. Williams (Deacons for Defense) – ‘Let it Burn’ – The Coming Destruction of the USA? / Interview by Robert Carl Cohen in Tanzania. 1968

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