4th World Radyo: Racialist Newspeak: Millennial Third Position neo-Nazism and Centenary ‘Central Position’ Politics

by aboriginalpress

hootsuite.com_2016-01-18_11-14-28Summary: Regular listeners are aware that TheAngryindian has assessed (and identified) the ongoing quasi-religious domestic terrorist ‘stand-off’ in Harney County, Oregon as a Euro-Settler coup d’etat against the administration of President Barack Obama and the US multiculti civil order. In this dispatch, the question of the moment is how the negative sociopolitical by-product of not the Bundy Family’s seditious action(s), but the abject and wilful failure of the local and especially federal authorities to either quell or forcibly end the Malheur Refuge event in the manner the nonviolent and unarmed ‘Occupy’ and #BlackLivesMatter Movements which were violently crushed by local, state and federal authorities aided by anti-government paramilitaries such as the Oath-Keepers (as seen during the second-wave of the major Ferguson Black Lives Matter protests). And while this is occurring, the radial White far-right, American African ‘Hotep’ Revisionist Afrocentrists and radical hard-Leftists along with the nonsensical extreme right-wing ‘Sovereign Citizens’ counter-culture curiously seem to be finding it fun to join hands with the neo-Confederate Bundy and Hammond Families in support of their far-right, anti-Indigenous politics; xenophobia and their snack-fuelled putsch in favour of reinstituting Manifest Destiny (the federal property in question was stolen from the Northern Paiute Nation) in Oregon State under arms while announcing threats to ‘Kill or be killed’ should authorities attempt to take control over the situation. What is really happening here? And who will be queued-up against the wall is things keep going in this direction all the way up until #Election2016?

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