#OregonUnderAttack, or, How a Gang of White Supremacist Seditionists Are Getting Away with Treason Against the Obama Administration

by aboriginalpress

hootsuite.com_2016-01-09_12-15-38Summary: TheAngryindian offers an Indigenist/spoken word analysis of the domestic terrorist ‘stand-off’ taking place in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge (actually it is a sovereign landspace of the Northern Paiute Nation) some distance from Burns, Oregon and makes the obvious comparisons. TheAngryindian asks: What Native American ‘militia’/Tribal concern, African, Asian or Spanish-speaking Indio/Latino or Arab political group could trespass as a mob onto federal property; break into and enter a federal building (including commandeering federal vehicles); conduct the first two offences under the threat of military-grade firearms; make open threats to the mainstream news media about this being a ‘Kill or be killed’ situation if law enforcement authorities ‘dare’ move against them and survive the attempt? And after the brutal and very public and recent documented examples of systemic violence levied against the ‘Occupy’ and #BlackLivesMatter Movements by the federal authorities for nonviolent protest, why is it not ‘fair’ to call this (now) internationally-recognised coup d’état what it is? A clear example of White Privilege and an armed attempt by the US radical far-right to challenge the federal government while Mr. Barack H. Obama is still in the White House? (because in this way, it is easy to blame him for their conscious act of treason) EXTRAS: Archived audio from Bro. Lance Shabazz (NOI) speaking on the inherent political failure of Barack H. Obama (soon after he was first elected) – and – US political science analyst Professor Michael Parenti presenting a late-1990’s Marxist critique on leftist reductionism and how this habit empowers the inner-workings of Anglo-centric hegemony and is represented by the domestic and international violence of the ‘Deep-State’.

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