Euro-Settler Colonialism and Institutional White Supremacy in 2015 – The Year in Review

by aboriginalpress

hootsuite.com_2015-12-07_09-29-53Summary: This is the last Intelligent Aboriginal Radyo (APNSPR) internet radio broadcast for the Gregorian calendar year of 2015 and features TheAngryindian and Guadalupe Morales wrapping up the sum-total of blatant injustice in North America w/ the case of a Native American woman being denied protection and due process of law by the Lawton PD from a local street gang she alleges brutally assaulted her in her home. (Special thanks goes out to Native American activist Johnnie Jae / @JohnnieJae for making me aware of this story) Besides the local PD refusing to report or investigate her attack, the local hospital (Comanche Memorial) like the police, refused to utilise a (standard) rape-kit, take photographs of her physical injuries or in any way fully document the event as a medical emergency. Further discourse looks at the public testimony of Antonio LeGrier on the US news programme CNN speaking on the police murder of his son Quintonio LeGrier and his neighbour, community activist Bettie Jones and why his grief should be a wake up call to the American African community to begin analysing institutional xenophobia from an international perspective. More discussion centres around routine racist police brutality against Africans, Spanish-speaking immigrants, Arabs, Muslims and other ethnic minorities within the United States and the sad state of the 2016 presidential election cycle and the rise of right-wing populist politics after the election of Barack H. Obama. EXTRA: A special PressTV interview with First Nations leaders on the subject of Indigenous colonialism, territorial integrity; economics and genocide in modern Occupied Canada.

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Notes: We want to hear from You! Forward us your suggestions as to how Aboriginal & African communities can effectively, non-violently and intelligently respond to our respective issues. Your suggestions and audio responses might be mentioned/played on future dispatches.

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