4th World Radyo : The Roosting of Right-Wing Extremist Chickens in Americas Gun-Happy Barnyard

by aboriginalpress

hootsuite.com_2015-10-01_19-09-14Summary: TheAngryindian speaks on the recent US terrorist tragedy undertaken by a suicidal bi-racial, neo-Nazi and Irish Republican Army (IRA) admirer Chris Harper Mercer on the Umpqua Community College campus in Oregon State and the desperate (and silly) damage control flooding the internet by right-wing extremists. Numerous right-wing social media propagandists have been trying in vain to falsely connect neo-fascist gun collector and military-enthusiast Chris Harper Mercer to everything from an anti-white activist with #BlackLivesMatter and the ‘New’ Black Panther Party to wildly accusing him of being an agent of the Bernie Sanders and/or Hillary Clinton presidential campaigns in an effort to enact a ‘gun-grab’ (which is just crazy since it isn’t happening). While the gun-nutters are accusing the US President of politicising this attacks as a way in which to confiscate firearms, (this not true) each and every Republican with access to the mainstream media within seconds of the initial reports of the terrorist act began saying that the last thing the US should do is restrict guns. 4WR looks at the social confusion behind this story and lays-out an Indigenist perspective in spoken-word.

More: TheAngryindian also extends an offer to the killer of Trayvon Martin, one George Zimmerman, to guest on 4WR to explain why Chris Harper Mercer and President Barack H. Obama are ‘Mixed-Race’ and he isn’t.

EXTRA: Special ‘CONTRABAND CLASSIFIED‘ (a weekly broadcast hosted by Kalonji Changa and Amond Jackson broadcasting from Salem Psalms Studio in Atlanta, Ga) interview with Former Black Panther/BLA Leader Dhoruba Bin Wahad interviewed regarding Ferguson, Missouri Rebellion, Warrior Cops and Al Sharpton‘s role in quelling the flames of resistance.

Listen / Download:  02:40:11(111.2MB — mp3) / (89MBOgg)

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