4th World Radyo: The ‘New’ Negro in Obama’s America: A Frank Discussion Between Malachi Daniels and TheAngryindian

by aboriginalpress

hootsuite.com_2015-07-21_09-15-31Summary: This dispatch of Fourth World Radyo features an open-ended Skype parliament (discussion) with North American street-activist and Afrocentric political educator Malachi Daniels (@Fanonian) and FWR host Abiyomi Kofi (@TheAngryindian) trading thoughts on the current state of the American African, living gracefully under the constant threat of racial terrorism and police brutality under the watchful eye of a Black president.

Is the Obama administration simply observing the situation in abject silence, or is his administration actually aiding and abetting the injustice as a part of the class-war? These questions and others round out the discussion. Topics include many wide-ranging subjects and matters centred upon the paralysing, self-colonising trends developing in American (and Motherland) African culture(s) and what this might mean for Africans faced with physical survival within this century. All this and more on Fourth World Radyo!

Listen / Download: (3:24:28 long) – 118.7M (mp3) / 100.8M (ogg)

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