4th World Radyo: Dylann ‘Storm’ Roof: Neo-Confederate Terrorism & Caucasian Paranoia In North America

by aboriginalpress

absoluterights.com_2015-06-19_10-17-12Summary: In the wake of an open confession by the 21-year-old White Supremacist charged with the murders of nine American Africans at the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) church in Charleston, South Carolina, (Gullah Nation territories) President Obama and the US corporate media have yet to condemn the attack as an act of domestic terrorism or even, anti-African racism. Law enforcement officials as well as his living partner have been quoted, clarifying that the shooter, Dylann ‘Storm’ Roof is a committed Confederate Segregationist and White Supremacist that has told investigators that he had intended ‘to start a race war’ when he attacked the church’s Bible study class. Roof was captured, (accidentally) in North Carolina and faced nine murder counts, but not terrorism charges.

TheAngryindian speaks about the under-reported open questions of this tragedy with Oakland-based US Human Rights activist ViolentFanon (@violentfanon) on the subject(s) of Euro-Settler institutional racialism, its relationship to race-based terrorism and how (and why) White People should (and must) step up and actualise their own rhetoric by joining the struggle against organised American fascism through solidarity and decisive action alongside the victims of xenophobic injustice and violence.

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