UPDATED: 4thWorldRadyo: The Dogs of Race War: Negro Mercenaries and The Baltimore Uprising

by aboriginalpress

Summary: This dispatch concerns the events leading up to and surrounding the recent killing of yet another unarmed American African, Freddie Gray, by ‘Peace’ Officers in the US city of Baltimore, MD for the crime of ‘looking at the officer directly in the eye’. The young man’s neck, spine and larynx were crushed and broken en route to police HQ after beating him on the street. (Rumour has it that the man who filmed the initial assault on FG has been detained. As of this posting, we could not confirm this story)

Man Who Filmed Freddie Gray Video Arrested, Alleges Police Harassment — Headlines for May 04, 2015 | Democracy Now!: The man who filmed one of the videos of Freddie Gray’s arrest has spoken out after he was arrested and released without charge. Kevin Moore said police have harassed and intimidated him, publicizing his photo and asking him to come forward, even though he says they already knew who he was. Moore was arrested Thursday along with two other “cop watch” activists from Ferguson, Missouri, for what he says police claimed was an illegal turn. He told Vice News he believes the arrest was an attempt to intimidate him. Kevin Moore: “I was arrested last night on some false, bogus intimidation s—t. Like they really tried to intimidate me. They really tried to intimidate me, and they took me down to precinct for like six, seven hours. I don’t get no charge papers. I don’t get no citations. I don’t get none of that. So what am I being charged for? You know what I mean? What am I being detained for?”

Further discussion looks at the recent video released by Prager University featuring Chloé Simone Valdary titled: ‘Don’t Judge Blacks Differently’ [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xl7Q36V9pg4&feature=youtu.be] which essentially (and done with expert vagueness) demonises White progressive sentiment for the victims of police brutality and the communal anger of many young Africans by equating the violence that occurred during the rioting in Baltimore with the racist terrorism of the Ku Klux Klan (not to be confused with the Katipunan-KKK, the Philippine anti-colonial resistance). For clarity, here is a link to the brief Twitter conversation @TheAngryindian had with @cvaldary about this subject: [https://twitter.com/cvaldary/status/593156392829132800] EXTRA: Master of the obvious, the late Orson Welles, reads from the written testimony of Brother Isaac Woodward, a decorated World War Two veteran returning home (in uniform) from his service who was blinded by a racist police officer in the US state of Georgia after a dispute with a bigoted bus driver. A sad lesson on how much things have not changed.

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