The Stepford Paradigm and Gay Assimilation: The Angryindian Speaks With Bruce La Bruce : Aboriginal Press News Service Public Radio (APNSPR)

by aboriginalpress

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Summary: TheAngryindian speaks with avant-garde Canadian film director and author Bruce LaBruce ( / @brucelabruce) about the odd attitude shift from traditional, spirited confrontation in Homosexual politics to the recent, ‘assimilation-by-any-means’ orientation of many North American activists, including the GBLTQ ‘progressive community’. This (adult) discussion touches on various subjects related to internalised Homophobia and it’s relationship(s) to class-war; economic disparity; mainstream media saturation and conventional xenophobia. This dispatch is conducted (of course) with hard language and heavy subject matter being raised and deconstructed freely. Hint: this may not the right dispatch for over-sensitive ears.

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