3rd World Solidarity: Global Revolution And The Question Of African Political Integrity (10.13.2014)

by aboriginalpress

Summary: The international struggle for human justice is the subject. #Ferguson, Missouri and the Occupied Territories of the Gaza have many similarities as well as many differences. Why are committed activists deeply involved within their respective struggles now quarrelling over whether or not the arbitrary killing of young African men in the US by law enforcement officers can and should be connected to the genocidal practises of the Jewish State in the Levant against Indigenous Palestinians (#JSIL). EXTRAS: archived audio from a lecture featuring radical educator Prof. Ward Churchill and activist/author Chellis Glendinning & DJ Spooky & Saul Williams – ‘The Pledge To Resist’ (via protest-records.com)

Listen /Download: 01:51:41 — 128Kbps mp3 (78.3MB) Stereo