The Mismeasures of Radical Afrocentrism: Indigenist Thoughts on African Fascism and the Failure of Master Race Narratives July 24, 2014 | [Modern Times]

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(Read the complete original text — with notes — in PDF form, here) — By Abiyomi Kofi – aka – TheAngryindian

Mr. James’ work was objective in its deconstruction of African and Afro-Diasporic sociopolitical issues and causes. And his scientific, socialist rejection of blanket, anti-White racial biases and the spreading of pseudo-history would annoy most anyone steeped in today’s revisionist Afrocentrism.7


In fact, almost every critical, orthodox Afrocentric thinker who has ever disagreed (in print or in speech) with far-right, African ethnic determinism; (the eerily naziesque ‘melanin theory‘) false and misleading Afro-centred, pseudo-history; (the infamous – ‘A “Black” Man, A Moor, John Hansonurban legend)8 and the ever-popular doltish hatred of European Jews9 (and some Arabs) for being ‘Devilish’, is viewed by this desperate lot as a ‘sell-out’. And let’s be frank here, people who subscribe to these twisted ideas are not known for being easy to communicate with.10


Besides CLR James, I’ve heard similar reactionary criticisms about the Martinique psychologist Franz Fanon, (because he was married to a White woman) African revolutionary leader President Nelson Mandela, (because many of the White members of the African National Congress were Jewish, such as Joe Slovo) and Pan-African intellectual Prof. Horace Campbell, (mostly for not supporting Col. Muammar al-Gaddafi‘s wobbly continental politics).11 I have personally spoken with numerous hardcore, RBG-minded brothers and sisters over the years (people I know personally) who tell me that they view many early Afrocentric theorists as hopelessly ‘Eurocentric’ in their perspectives and their politics. They express anger and regret that these thinkers never supported revisionist ideas (or radical movements) that articulate a purely emotive desire to engage in armed struggle and/or the ethnic and religious ‘cleansing’ of their White opponents.12 Of course, this is semantic cherry-picking, because African intellectuals like Bro. Min. Malcolm X, never, at any time or in any way, ever advocated what these extremists say they believe in or claim to promote.


Some individuals have even gone so far as to claim that a few of these progressive leaders were (actually) covert Freemasons, secretly working for any number of ‘satanic’ esoteric organisations13often Jewish14 and/or Islamic – to (eventually) eradicate the entire African population of the world in a complex Luciferian plot to take over the Earth.15


For me, personally speaking, this is an intellectual state of affairs that I find to be incredibly frustrating if not laughingly suspect. Not so much because of the odd nature of the subjects involved, but because in truth, these folks do not spend nearly as much time reflecting on the here and now as they do with the past or with the occult. I’ve witnessed speeches in African bookstalls by ultra-suspicious radical Afrocentrists who spent more than an hour attacking hard rock bands like Motörhead simply because they briefly mentioned the ‘Devil’ in a song,16 while ignoring, for example, actual statements by Lemmy Kilmister saying: ‘If a black guy and an Indian woman had a son it would be a Sioux named Boy‘.17 Which either says he’s a seriously callous bigot or, simply an intelligent, Anarchist-thinking, anti-fascist Englishman,18 objectively offering an reasoned opinion about how the question of ‘race’ is dealt with in the democracies of North America.19


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