4th World Radyo: The Mismeasures Of Radical Afrocentrism (07.17. 2014)

by aboriginalpress

On this Dispatch: TheAngryindian speaks on the present state of Black radicalism and the racist ridiculousness of neoconservative theories circulating within the Afrocentrism movement. Afrocentrism, especially in North America, is ridiculed by the Europocentric academic establishment as a joke. Chiefly because of institutional racism against Africans by Europeans, but also because of Afrocentrism’s open embrace of patently falsified history and xenophobic theories of African ethnic superiority. Discussion includes an Indigenist deconstruction of ‘orthodox’ Afrocentrism as it is popularly viewed in the US and Canada and how it is misused as an emotional pillow for Black psychological insecurities rather than as a tool for self-enlightenment and political empowerment to address the many problems that still confront Africans trapped within an overwhelmingly racist world-society. Can Afrocentrism shed the nonsense and lead Black Peoples forward? Or has it become a liability, replacing authentic African history with false fantasies of a ‘Master Race’?

Listen / Download: 02:50:38 — 128Kbps mp3