4th World Radyo: Wrongfully Convicted: The Case Of Jeffery Wansley (2014.06.07)

by aboriginalpress

Summary:  (2014.06.07.GOD) Intelligent Aboriginal Radyo speaks again with Nation of Islam (NOI) Minister Maurice Muhammad (@mmuhammad95) of the ‘Black Unity’ Internet network and activist Sis. Annie Hunter (@divinesweety22) the daughter of wrongfully convicted (i.e., Illegally Incarcerated) American African captive Bro. Jeffery Wansley, (jefferywansley.com) a victim of the US neoliberal ‘War on Drugs’. *[Please be aware that the audio contained in this dispatch is in many areas poor and may have been technically compromised during the interview.]

ALSO: Archival audio commentary from the late American African educator , psycho-social analyst and author Professor Amos N. Wilson and Imhotep Gary Byrd on the subject of African intellectualism(s) – both in the Motherland and in the Diaspora — suffering from Malcolm X’s identification of ‘White’s Disease’ or, as Prof. Wilson calls it, the ‘Nigger Box’…

Credits: Special Sounds from: S.U.N. (Scientific Universal Noncommercial)

Listen / Download: 01:46:16 128Kbps mp3